We offer products to the power industry and the energy sector

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Beving Elektronik AB operates in the Swedish electro power and energy market. We represent manufactures from Europe, Japan and many other countries, most of them leading brands within the niece of Electro power.

Our focus is to supply knowledge and high technology as well as powerful and reliable solutions which are cost effective to our customers. The product range consists of selected products and systems which contribute to our customers benefit and profit.

The customers of Beving Elektronik AB are found along the chain from production, distribution and consumption of Electricity.

The business concept is built upon long time business relationship and we are the link between the customers on the Swedish market and manufactures.

Beving Elektronik AB is part of Addtech AB which is a trading company that develops and sells components and systems to industrial companies and the service industry.



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Beving Elektronik AB
Mårbackagatan 27
123 43 Farsta
Org nr: 556130-6696

08 - 680 11 99


Beving Elektronik AB
Box 93
127 22 Skärholmen
Org nr: 556130-6696

08 - 680 11 99


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